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Activities and Event

Qudurati Center provides activities to the students that fit their abilities and develop their skills and needs. These activities are held once a week for each department, that help them to detect their talents and integrate them into socially.

Internal Activities

Starting ceremony of school year and preparing the students.

Weekly entertainment celebrations

Parents meeting

Reception of specialists and experts to develop the work mechanism

Celebration of the National Day

Small Trader Activity

International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD)

Fashion gallery festival for center’s children

World Health Day

International Day of Down Syndrome

Celebration of World Autism Day

Mother’s Day Celebration

Festivals of Al-Fitr Eid

Festivals of Al-Adha Eid

World Civil Defense Day

World Healthy Food Day

Ceremony of the training activity conclusion for Qassim University students

Ceremony of the end of training activity for Qassim University students

Ceremony of the end of first semester activities

Ceremony of the end of academic year activities

External Events

European Autism Society annual conference

Qassim Bicycle Festival

International Misk Forum

Rad Gallery for Enterpreneurship

Buraidah Spring Festival

Tebyan Technical Camp

Sponsoring the Al-Qasim Girls Council ceremony

Al Qassim Toastmasters events

Al Juffali Open Championship for people with disabilities

Qassim Book Exhibition

Visit the Talents Sanctuary for Bird

Visit the Horses stables

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