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Media Production

Community awareness is one of the main goals of Qudurati that have sought to achieve it from inception, it has designed and produced many awareness and educational films for people with disabilities, and highlights the role of society to accommodate these groups and integrate them socially.

As the number of media releases until now, reached seven, the most famous Wjh-Alkon Video clip, that depicts the features of the autistic child and the challenges he faces in society, that sponsored by the Chairman of the Board of Directors / Fahad Abdul-Aziz Al Saqabi, where the film was opening in a ceremony attended by the General Director of the branch of the Ministry of Resource and Social Development in the Al-Qassim region / Turki Abdel Rahman Al Mane.

And the success continues, and the “Wjh-Alkon” is displayed in the corridors of the European Autism Society, in its English version, as an introduction to autistic children around the world from Qudurati as a permanent member of the European Autism Society.

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