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Medical Complex

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The scarcity of specialized medical services for people with disabilities was one of the most important motivations for establishing a specialized medical center in independent building to provide medical and therapeutic services. The building consists of a group of independent medical clinics for men and women and children equipped with the latest equipment and medical treatment.

The complex contains the following clinics:

1. Physical Therapy Clinics

It receives cases of people with disabilities and normal ones in the following:

    • Cases of cerebral palsy.
    • Cases of motor disability.
    • Cases after accidents and fractures.
    • Cases after surgeries.
    • Cases of sport injuries and cruciate ligament.
    • Cases of orthopedic diseases and arthritis.
    • Cases of Herniated disc.
    • Cases of Osteoporosis.

2. Water Treatment

It aims to treat cases of strokes, fractures and Lack of Oxygen at Birth (Hypoxia).

3. Occupational Therapy Clinics

It aims to improve the fine motor performance by rehabilitating the skills and abilities that lead the people with disabilities to independence (as possible) in performing daily functions. It receives the following cases:

    • Cases of cerebral palsy.
    • Cases after Thrombosis.
    • Cases of delayed milestone.
    • Cases after accidents.
    • Cases of Autism.
    • Attention Deficit and problems focusing

4. Intelligence Measurement and Psychological Assessment

These clinics provide the following services:

    • Intelligence measurement.
    • Psychological diagnosis.
    • Behavioral therapy.

This is for a group of cases such as: Mental Disability, Motor Disability, Autism Cases, Delayed Milestone, Cases of learning disabilities and delayed educational, Down’s Syndrome, Behavioral Disorders, and Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

5. Pronunciation and Speech Disorders Clinics

These clinics aim to train and qualify cases and help them to communicate effectively with others such as:

    • Evaluating and treating the cases of linguistic or speech disorders in children (Down Syndrome – Cerebral Palsy – Mental Disability).
    • Evaluating and treating of speech disorders such as (Stuttering – Speaking too Quickly).
    • Evaluating and treating of speech disorders such as (Substitution – Distortion – Omission).
    • Evaluating and treating sound disorder such as (Nasality, Hoarseness).
    • Childhood apraxia of speech.
    • Cases of Dysarthria.
    • Cases of Cochlear implant.
    • Linguistic evaluation and rehabilitation for people with hearing loss.
    • Family and individual guidance on how to deal with the child and how to follow his case.
    • Recording the case study for each case and their linguistic diagnosis and develop the necessary treatment plan for each case.
    • Evaluating and treating cases of linguistic disorders in adults, such as (Speech Aphasia) resulting from stroke.

6. Family Counseling Clinics

It aims to provide awareness and counseling programs for cases to help them overcoming the social obstacles and treating the Post-Traumatic stress disorder. It provides their services for the following:

    • Premarital Counseling.
    • How to deal with children.
    • Dealing with people with disabilities.
    • Cases after accidents.
    • Family disintegration and divorce.
    • Helping to quit smoking.
    • After addiction treatment.