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Occupational Therapy

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It is a department that aims to improve motor performance by rehabilitating the skills and abilities that lead the people with special needs to independence (as possible) in performing daily functions.

The main goal of occupational therapy is to rehabilitate people in physical, sensorineural, mental, and perceptual problems to develop their personal and professional independence and integrate them into society.

 The occupational therapy service that provided by Qudurati center is one of the most important services that people needs due to its major role in their rehabilitation in self-care skills, personal hygiene skills, and fine motor field, visual movement synergy skills, in addition to assessing sensorineural disorders (hypersensitivity – hyposensitivity), and set the appropriate treatment plan for each individual case.

Some of problems that occupational therapy receives it:

    • Cases of cerebral palsy.
    • Cases after
    • Cases of delayed milestone.
    • Cases after
    • Perceptual problems (synergy between hand and eye movement).
    • Attention Deficit and problems focusing.
    • Sensorineural problems (visual – Hearing – touch problems)