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Pronunciation and Speech Department

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It is one of the support services that aims to train and qualify beneficiary cases and help them to communicate effectively with others, where is evaluating the case, the level of linguistic development, type of disorder, and determining the appropriate treatment and rehabilitation methods for each case.

In the Qudurati center the speech department is caring about people who suffer from language delayed milestone or speech disorders.

The speech department in our center provides the following services:

    • Evaluating and treating the cases of linguistic or speech disorders in children (Down Syndrome – Cerebral Palsy – Mental Disability).
    • Evaluating and treating of speech disorders such as (Stuttering – Speaking too Quickly).
    • Evaluating and treating of speech disorders such as (Substitution – Distortion – Omission).
    • Evaluating and treating sound disorder such as (Nasality, Hoarseness).
    • Childhood apraxia of speech.
    • Cases of Dysarthria.
    • Cases of Cochlear implant.
    • Linguistic evaluation and rehabilitation for people with hearing loss.
    • Family and individual guidance on how to deal with the child and how to follow his case.
    • Recording the case study for each case and their linguistic diagnosis and develop the necessary treatment plan for each case.
    • Evaluating and treating cases of linguistic disorders in adults, such as (Speech Aphasia) resulting from stroke.