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The permanent development of educational and technical cadres is one of the most important goals of Qudurati center, that considered as a main pillar that emanating from the company policy to achieve the continuous development of human resources, which can only be achieved with a specialized center for training and development, that includes two halls equipped with the most modern of interactive communication means (Wjh Al-kon Hall and Raneem Hall), which organizing many lectures, training workshops in the field of special education services, and other meeting and seminars.

These halls have hosted many international lecturers such as Dr. Truver Hal, Dr. Robert Backendorf from Oregon Health & Science University in the United States of America and Dr. Nicholas Banks, an Autism consultant from United Kingdom.

In addition to the awareness programs and free lectures that provided from training center periodically for families of people with disabilities and service providers to increase social awareness of groups with disabilities and to help to integrate them into society, and creates a set of programs to achieve this vision such as:

  • Shawer Program

It is an awareness program that aims to hold partnerships with the best training service providers inside and outside the Kingdom to provide awareness and training programs such as lectures and training courses in the field of applied behavior analysis and (RBT) courses.

  • Courses of physical therapy, psychological, and family consultation.